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Eat fruit, Make love, Be happy - Namaste. ॐ

Can’t stand the kind of people who take, take, take and give nothing back, not even thank yous’. 

Isn’t it strange how people express themselves in different ways. We’re all just here, on Earth, living and keeping to ourselves for the most part. No one will ever know all of us, we don’t even understand all of us to be able to share it all. Some people find words the easiest way of expression, some music, some art… Some people just aren’t sure so they bottle it up and they might go for a run or have a drink. And sometimes there is just no way to express something, like nothing is good enough for that emotion. Whether it be joy or anger, or most commonly love. Love. Over used and under appreciated. How can you tell someone you love them when they have heard it so many times before. How can love be special. How can you express love. So many ways to express love. Affection, gifts, speech, literature, music, acts of kindness. Still I feel as though none of these are enough. If I could gather all the stars I would, if I could bring the warmth of the sun closer when the coolness of the night air brushes your cheek, I would. Expression. Unique to each yet still impossible at times.